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These are the questions we get asked most frequently. If you can't find the answer to your question send us an email,

Can anyone join?

You need to be a professional director in the early stages of your career. This is not age-specific but relates to how much experience you have. The membership is diverse in terms of age, career path, productions directed and interests. If you are still in full-time education you will not be able to join the progam until you have graduated. You should also be committed to a career in theatre directing. If you are still unsure about your career path there are many amateur companies and adult education courses you can get involved in to help you make this decision. You should not join until directing is a career you are actively pursuing.

Does the Directors Program reflect the Young Vic's artistic vision?

The project aims to support all directors, whatever their particular area of interest. However, it also inevitably stems from, and feeds into, the Young Vic's artistic vision. As a result, the project is predominantly aimed at directors based in London and focuses on work related to classical drama, modern classics and international work. Opportunities to develop work with writers or organise rehearsed readings are therefore limited. All workshops take place at the Young Vic's theatre in London and anyone joining should be happy to travel here.

Can I work as an assistant director?

All opportunities to assist on Young Vic productions are advertised through the Directors Network and are part of the Jerwood Assistant Director Scheme. Please do not send unsolicited letters requesting work as an assistant director. Please read about our Jerwood Assistant Director Program.

What research and development opportunities are offered?

When we have the resources we offer directors a supportive environment in which to try out ideas, work with actors and explore the process of theatre making. Each practitioner taking part (director, actor, designer, writer) is given £5 per day to cover their travel expenses. The director is responsible for putting together their creative team but the Young Vic can provide administrative resources if needed. The emphasis is on process and there are no opportunities to showcase the work to producers or funders.

We will invite proposals for research and development periods when we have available space and then select directors from these expressions of interest. Please respond to these invitations rather than send in unsolicited requests.

How will I find out about the opportunities provided by the Directors Program?

Almost all of the initiatives will be publicised through the website. Whilst we aim to be as transparent as possible, some creative decisions will be made without an open invitation process.

Is mentoring provided?

In some projects this is an integral aspect of the structure of the work - for example the Jerwood Assistant Director Program. With so many members it is not possible to provide one to one ongoing mentoring on an ad hoc basis. However, we will respond to requests for advice about projects and career development, either on the phone or at meetings.

Will I get a show at the Young Vic?

Naturally this is what most directors want! However, the reality is that we produce a finite number of shows over a year and have associate directors and international associates attached to the Young Vic who direct our productions. We originate nearly all the productions that are presented at the Young Vic and rarely are in a position to give our spaces over to work we don't produce or co-produce.

How do I get someone to see my show?

Send in the details of the show a month in advance. We try and see as much work as we can but with so many theatres in London we are not able to see all the productions we would like to.

Does the Young Vic organise rehearsed readings of new plays?

From time to time we have collaborated with new writing companies such as Paines Plough and Talawa to present rehearsed readings of new plays. In general, however, the theatre spaces are used by young directors and are dedicated to our work with young people and the local community through our Taking Part programme. Rehearsed readings are not a priority and we suggest you contact the new writing theatres such as Theatre 503, Royal Court, Soho and Hampstead.

Can I join as an International Director if I do not live in the UK?

If you are a young director not currently resident in the UK, the Young Vic may still be able to provide you with some support. Whilst you may not be able to attend the events and productions here, you will be able to find out about Young Vic productions and contact UK based directors, designers and producers (only available if you are signed up as a producer) on the Genesis Directors Network. To sign up please go to the How to Join page.

Can I observe rehearsals?

In all our productions we appoint a Jerwood Assistant Director and consequently it is not possible to accommodate observers in the rehearsal room.

Can Producers join the network?

Professional producers are welcome to join our network. The network allows producers to meet, exchange ideas and skills and form creative relationships. We run events specifically for producers and we organise sessions which bring different groups of our network together for professional development as well as networking. The producers are able to contact other producers as well as designers and directors. Directors and designers on the network cannot contact producers directly through the site. The profiles of our producers are accessible to other producers on the network but not publicly accessible. This network is in the early stages of development and its present format has been created in consultation with producers. The network is open to any professional theatre producer. Visit How to Join to sign up.

Can Designers join the network?

The designers in our network are given opportunities to form creative partnerships with the directors, to discuss and debate their work and the work of other designers and directors. Free tickets and workshop opportunities at the Young Vic are advertised as well as opportunities with external companies or individuals. The network is open to any professional theatre designer. Take a look at How to Join to sign up.

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