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Director Kent


I'm interested in new writing, especially psychological stories for a contemporary audience. I realise female + social outsider perspectives with cinematic visuals + a light touch, to create poetic realities + moments of extreme empathy. My background is in contemporary art, 35mm film projection and narrative music videos.

I'm also an award winning filmmaker. My latest short film X Anniversary - the same actor fluidly plays four different characters as one monologue flows into the next - has won awards for Best Actor and Best Cinematography at international film festivals in 2020.

Oct-Dec 2019 I was based in Los Angeles watching exciting new writing/female lead/queer theatre and meeting theatre makers.

My website is


Director, 'Ariel' and 'Mulan' monologues for 'Happy Ever After?', The Bunker Theatre, WoLab Showcase 2019

Assistant Director (observed) Chris Sonnex, 'We Anchor In Hope', The Bunker Theatre, 4 weeks 2019

Assistant Director (observed) Hamish Pirie, 'Instructions For Correct Assembly', The Royal Court Theatre, 4 weeks 2018


Attended Young Vic Theatre workshop A Designer's Process - Nora: A Doll's House with Tom Piper 2020

Selected for Directors UK + Spotlight's Directing Actors workshop 2019

Attended 2019 Young Vic Theatre workshops Incorporating Movement: Devising & Collaborating workshop w Kwesi Johnson + Voice: tools for Directors practical workshop w Cathleen McCarron + Dramaturgy in British Theatre workshop w Zoe Svendsen


2-5 years


Dialect / Voice Direction
Movement Direction
Music - Singing
Physical Theatre
TV / Film
Video Design
Working with Young People

Additional Languages

A little French and German