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Amelia Rogers

Director Oxfordshire

I started directing at university and have since fallen in love with it, I am especially interested in adaptations of classic texts (having just completed a run of Doctor Faustus which I adapted myself) as well as representations of religion in theatre. In terms of how I work, I focus a lot of my direction in rehearsals on building chemistry and relationships on stage, and am particularly interested in creating relationship dynamics that are complex and/or unexpected.


ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, The Tempest, Worcester Gardens, 1 week, 2019
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Spring Awakening, Oxford Playhouse, 1 week, 2019
DIRECTOR, Doctor Faustus, Keble O'Reilly, 1 week, 2020


1-2 years


Working with disabled adults / children
Working with learning disabled adults / children
Working with Young People

Additional Languages