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Adam Davies



I am a neuro-diverse Yorkshire-based theatre director/maker. I am working class and grew up on a council estate in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. I spent much of my youth on benefits (I am very proud of my roots), and even now find myself within the benefit system. I live a modest life with many riches around me to experience.

I can get very passionate about theatre! I run a theatre company called Animikii Theatre. Our whole objective is driven by the principles of Theatre Laboratory and ‘Poor Theatre’. The objective is to remove the barriers that separate the art and the audience, and the art and the artists making it.

As a working/benefit class individual, this fuels my work. I want to actively oppose work that discriminates and puts up barriers, whether those be financial, cultural, or educational.

I am interested in making work that adapts MYTHS and LEGENDS, especially those driven by a singular focus of creating work that is progressive, modern and responsive to the needs of society in the 21st Century.


DIRECTOR/WRITER, The Kaspar Hauser Experiment, Animikii Theatre, Premiering 2022
DIRECTOR, Origins, National Tour, 2016-2018


MA Theatre Lab, RADA, 2012-2013
BA Acting, The Arden School of Theatre, 2006-2009


West Yorkshire


2-5 years

What I do

  • Devising
  • Movement Direction
  • Physical Theatre / Mime
  • Street Theatre
  • Teaching / Coaching
  • Working with Deaf artists
  • Working with disabled artists
  • Working with disabled non-professional adults / children
  • Working with learning disabled adults / children
  • Working with young people with special educational needs
  • Writing

Additional Languages

Conversational Italian