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Rohan Gotobed

Director Dorset

My name is Rohan Gotobed (he/him) and I'm currently the trainee director at the Unicorn Theatre, where I have assisted directors such as Ned Bennett, Polly Findlay, and Ola Ince. I want to make thrilling theatre that highlights social politics - I am obsessed by the personal versus the political. I love history and using stories from the past to highlight contemporary contradictions.


DIRECTOR, Straight Vodka, Rapid Write Response / Theatre 503, 1 week, 2020

DIRECTOR, Play Before Birth, Coast to Coast / Garage Theatre / Edinburgh Fringe, 3 weeks, 2019

CURATOR/DIRECTOR, Last Night in Europe, Coast to Coast / Norwich Arts Centre, 1 night, 2019

DIRECTOR, 60, University of East Anglia, 1 week, 2019

DIRECTOR, About Lester, Coast to Coast, 2 weeks, 2018

DIRECTOR, Dear Johanna, Maddermarket, 1 week, 2018

DIRECTOR, Vienna, Minotaur, 1 week, 2017

DIRECTOR, Gender Trouble, Minotaur / Norwich Puppet Theatre, 1 week, 2017

DIRECTOR, Custard, Minotaur, 1 week, 2017


ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Grimm Tales, Unicorn Theatre, 2020, (dir. Justin Audibert, Rachel Bagshaw, Polly Findlay, Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu, Ola Ince, and Bijan Sheibani)

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Huddle, Unicorn Theatre, 2020, (dir. Sarah Shepherd)

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, The Twits, Unicorn Theatre, 2020, (dir. Ned Bennett)

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, The Last Days of Don Juan, Drama Centre London, 1 week, 2019, (dir. Gabrielle Jourdan)

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Hay Fever, Maddermarket, 2 weeks, 2017, (dir. Jez Pike)


Currently MFA in Theatre Directing (Birkbeck, University of London) / Trainee Director at Unicorn Theatre

Young Associate at the Gate Theatre

BA (Hons) in English Literature and Drama (University of East Anglia)
- David and Jo Spinks Award (2019)

National Student Drama Festival Company 2019/2020

National Youth Theatre Epic Stages Course 2017

Workshops with directors including Sally Cookson, Simon Godwin, Robert Icke, Lynette Linton, Nancy Medina, and Jonathan Munby


1-2 years


TV / Film
Working with Young People

Additional Languages