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Angela Poulima

Director London

- Dreamy matelism in rebelious context:

My artistic practice relates the theories of embody knowledge to micro-stories about cognitive impairment disoreder, as a metaphysical response in a unfamiliar universe. Thus, I integrate the objects and the sound space, in which I focus on how to materialized the body by using methods of manipulated objects.

One universe brushing up against another; What emerges after conflict ? How an unfamiliar universe can enlarge the senses. What quality of materials am I most drawn to?

Collect, Transform, Move, Write


DIRECTOR, six person in search of an author / Ergotaxion Theatre, 2 months 2016
DIRECTOR, Walpurgis Night / Interational Festival of Messene, 2 years 2017
DIRECTOR AND PERFORMER / Furum Theatre, Trianon Theatre, 1 month 2017
MOVEMENT DIRECTOR / Oceanides, Empros Theatre, 1 month, 2017
DRAMA TEACHER, Odiseus, youth company Carmen Rouggeri, 2 years, 2016-17
MOVEMENT DIRECTOR / In a painted Labyrinth, ex machina festival, 1 week, 2018
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR / Thirio, Biennale Festival Athens, 2 months, 2018O
DIRECTOR / The day I met Don Quijote, Empros Theare, 2 weeks, 2019
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR / The eyes, Neos Kosmos Theatre, 3 months, 2019
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR / Theogonia, Festival of Epidaurus, 2 performances, 2019


University of Peloponnese - Performing Arts
Real Escueal de Arte Dramatico - Stage Direction

Workshop "Staging Beckett" contemporary mime methods lead by Dimitri Rekatchevski,Teatro de Silencio Theater Company


2-5 years


Movement Direction
Performance Art
Physical Theatre

Additional Languages

Greek, Spanish