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Wang Ying Tu

Designer London

My name is Wang Ying Tu. I am a costume designer and artist, originally from Taipei, Taiwan. I have designed costumes for theatre, dance and film, both in Asia and the United States. I have passion in diving in the story and build up a world and a view with my imagination and strength in character and costume. Being an Asian female designer has not been my obstacle but my strength to keep bringing new angle when working in theatre. I always connect story to live experience. I urge to deliver new message to the current world by speaking up with my design. I am interested in both transforming classical work in to modern context, and giving birth to a unique view in working new plays.

My preferred pronoun is She, her, hers. Currently living in New York City.


Costume Designer, "SEVEN" New Ballet , New York Choreographic Institute, 2 weeks, 2019
Costume Designer, "New Creation", Dixon Place (NYC), 1 week, 2019
Costume Designer, "Tomorrow Will Take Care of Itself" , NYU Atlas Theater, 2 weeks, 2018
Assistant Costume Designer, "An American Daughter", NYU Atlas Theatre, 2 weeks, 2018
Costume Designer, "The House of Blue Leaves", NYU Shubert Theatre, 1 week, 2017
Costume Designer, "Sitrus Sisphus", Second Avenue Dance Company, 1 week, 2017
Costume Designer, "Mission Incomplete", Song Yang Creative Lab, Taiwan, 8 weeks, 2016
Costume Designer, "How to Eat Beef Deliciously", Tainanner Company, Taiwan, 1 week, 2016
Costume Designer, "Revolution of Morning Glory", Tainanner Company, Taiwan, 1 week, 2016
Costume Designer, "The Balcony", National Taiwan University, 1 week, 2015


New York Choreographic Institute Fall Session, 2019 (creating ballet new work with choreographers)
Master of Fine Art in Design for Stage and Film, New York University


5-10 years


Costume Design
Performance Art
TV / Film
Working with Young People
Working with young people with special educational needs

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