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Director London

I'm a 20 year old actor, clown, circus artist and writer. At this point in my career I'm seeking out all the creatives that have ever made art that has impacted me or influenced my character with the hopes of becoming a collaborator or just a peer. I have always used clown and play in my performances as an actor and in my devising process in an ensemble. It's liberating and external which brings about joy in times where people can get very internally focused. It also lends itself thoroughly to nuanced character work so while I'm comfortable and capable with comedy, the switch to drama allows me to try something innovative with my skill set. Alongside this I've always been physical. Hand-to-hand acrobatics, solo acro and slapstick are well in my wheelhouse and I find it easy to get people on board with things that can seem daunting. I just want to make theatre with intent behind it. We have a platform and too many times I see it underutilised. Theatre is specific. If what I'm making can also be a book or a film then I feel like I'm not doing it correctly. It's got to be unapologetically theatre.


Actor/Glorious Invention of Emmanuel Stork/Quaker Meeting house/1 week/2017.
Co-writer and Actor/Of Rags and Bones/Quaker Meeting house/ 1 week/2018.
Actor/Welcome to Thebes/South Hill Park/1 night/2019.


Level 3 Diploma in Performance with Distinction.
Workshops attended at: RADA, Chichester Festival Theatre, GSA, ArtsEd, ALRA, Fourth Monkey, Meisner w/ Adam Stadius, The PappyShow, National Centre for Circus Arts (more than just a workshop).


Less than 1 year


Dialect / Voice Direction
Movement Direction
Music - Can learn by ear
Music - Plays Instruments
Music - Singing
Physical Theatre
Street Theatre
Working with Young People

Additional Languages