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Director London

I’m Zoe, I’m a theatre director, playwright, performer, translator... but I prefer I am a theatre traveler. I used to work in journalism, education, marketing, publishing, sales... different genre, and live in different countries. I love cross culture collaboration, physical theatre and drama, good at in solution making and creative thinking, also good at in doing workshops. Huge lover and specialist in psychology and philosophy. Open for any related possibilities.


DIRECTOR, Meet me at the shore (physical theatre), Corbett Theatre, 1 week, 10/2019
DIRECTOR & REWRITER, Dr. Godot or 6 people looking for the 18th Camel, 3 weeks, 10/2019
ACTOR, Moby What, Theatre Deli, 1 week, 09/2019
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Belamour, 1 week, Camden Fringe Festival, 08/2019
LIGHTING DESIGNER, The Hair of Dog, 1 week, Tristan Bates Theatre, 07/2019
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Living History, 4 weeks, East 15 Acting School, 06/2019
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Six characters in search of an author, 1 week, Tristan Bates Theatre, 06/2019
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Platform 1, 1 week, Tristan Bates Theatre, 02/2019
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Around the World in 80 Days, 2 weeks, Corbett Theatre, 12/2018
MUSICIAN, Yatou, 1 week, Corbett Theatre, 10/2018
PRODUCER, Une Boîte, 1 week, Avignon Theatre Festival, 07/2018
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Living History, 4 weeks, East 15 Acting School, 06/2018
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, 8 weeks, Hoopla Improvise Company, 05/2018
PRODUCER, Kunqu Opera “Karma” (The wheel of time), 3 years on tour, China, 08/2017 til now
PRODUCER, Lost and Found, 3 months, Beijing, 08/2016
PRODUCER, Le Diable, 8 weeks, Beijing, 01/2016


02/2019-04/2019 GITIS Russian Institute of Theatre Arts
short term study in Stanislavski and Meyerhold
09/2017-11/2019 East 15 Acting School in London
MFA of Theatre Directing
08/2012-11/2013 Hong Kong Baptist University
MA of Translation & Bilingual Communication
08/2008-06/2012 Tianjin Foreign Language University
BA of Law, major in International Relation


5-10 years


Creative Inclusion Aesthetic
Movement Direction
Music - Can learn by ear
Music - Can Read
Performance Art
Physical Theatre
Site Responsive/Immersive
Street Theatre
TV / Film
Working with disabled adults / children
Working with disabled artists
Working with learning disabled adults / children
Working with Young People
Working with young people with special educational needs

Additional Languages