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Alejandra Piedras

Director London

I have chosen to apply for this position as I feel that this modality of work and learn from seasoned professionals in the industry can be the key to help and supported an assistant director to get into the industry.

I moved to Spain to do my MA course in Theatre studies at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona 2019-2020 with subjects such as: Methodologies for Research and Analysis in Performing Arts, Master's dissertation, Directors and Stage Designers Laboratory, Drama Laboratory, Performing Arts and Other Arts, History and Historiography of Performing Arts, and methodologies of dance research.


I was working in a group from October 2019 to January 2020, directing professional actors for our MA, play ´Waiting for Godot¨ where I had the opportunity to directed and observe my colleagues directing. I also enjoyed using yoga as a part of the warm-up sessions of the actors and break the script during the rehearsal for improve the acting. We used music and movement to prepare their minds and bodies for the performance and to connected with each other.


I received formal training at a School of Corporal Dramatic Expression in Barcelona 2005-2007. This led me to love the expression of the body and in turn opened the doors of personal and spiritual growth. When I moved to London in Nov 2007, I received my BA (Hons) in Content Development and Production at Ravensbourne University 2011- 2013 and gained certifications to teach kundalini, yin, pregnancy, post-natal and recovery addiction yoga in London.
Also I attended to a workshop in Nov 2019 in Corporal Mime at Moveo in Barcelona.


Less than 1 year


Movement Direction
Performance Art
Physical Theatre
TV / Film

Additional Languages

Spanish and English