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Anna Girvan

Director London


Anna was born and raised in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. She moved to Brighton to study a BA in Drama and English Literature at the University of Sussex. After graduating she took up residence in Bristol and began an MA in Directing at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Anna graduated BOVTS with Merits, is a recipient of the Jerwood Assistant Director Award and an RSC Creative Fellow.


DIRECTOR, When We Begin, Latitude Festival, 1 performance, 2019
DIRECTOR, Our Country’s Good, Tobacco Factory Theatres, 1 month, 2019
DIRECTOR, The Clockwork Heart, Ustinov Bath, 1 performance, 2019
DIRECTOR, Twelfth Night Southwark Playhouse, 3 weeks, 2019
DIRECTOR, Rudolf, 2 months, Birmingham Mac, 2018-2019
DIRECTOR, The Internet Was Made For Adults, Vaults Festival, 1 week, 2018
DIRECTOR, Reunion, Southwark Playhouse, 3 performances, 2017
DIRECTOR, Go Between, 4 performances, Young Vic, 2017
DIRECTOR, Someone Else, Young Vic, 1 performance, 2015
DIRECTOR, Room 504, 11 performances, Young Vic, 2015
DIRECTOR, Kingdom of the Icebear, Hen and Chickens/Rondo Theatre, 2 weeks, 2015
DIRECTOR, Hospital Food, St Brendan’s/BOV, 3 performances, 2015
DIRECTOR, Welcome, Friend, The Courtyard Theatre, 1 performance, 2014
DIRECTOR, Deep Pit, Brass Works Theatre, 2 weeks, 2014
DIRECTOR, A Little Nonsense, Wardrobe Theatre/Tobacco Factory Theatres/Bike Shed Theatre/Brighton Fringe@Three&Ten/Ignite Festival@City Gate/Tolmen Centre/Rag Factory, London/Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 2 months 2012 - 2014
DIRECTOR, Se7en Dwarfs, Wardrobe Theatre, 1 month, 2013 - 2014
DIRECTOR, Rooming, Alma Tavern, 1 week, 2013
DIRECTOR, Grace by David Lane, Alma Tavern, 1 week, 2013
DIRECTOR, Myfanwy of the Marin, Alma Tavern Theatre, 1 week, 2012
DIRECTOR, Dirty Stop Outs, Bierkeller Theatre, 1 week, 2012
DIRECTOR, Engineers’ Blue, Brass Works Theatre, 2 weeks, 2012 DIRECTOR, Moby Dick, Bierkeller Theatre, 2 weeks, 2012 DIRECTOR, Remarkable Trees, The Wardrobe Theatre, 1 week, 2012
DIRECTOR, Scrooge on the Farm, Windmill Hill City Farm, 2 weeks, 2011
DIRECTOR, Contractions, Alma Tavern/Trafalgar Studio2, 2 weeks, 2011
DIRECTOR, Peaches, The Wardrobe Theatre, 1 performance, 2011 DIRECTOR, Storytelling Stall, Tobacco Factory Market, 6 performances, 2011
DIRECTOR, Eddie King and the Death of Rave, Tobacco Factory Theatres, 1 week, July
DIRECTOR, The Reckoning, Ustinov, Bath, 1 performance, 2011 DIRECTOR, Darkstuff from the Crypt, St Paul’s Crypt, 1 week, 2011
DIRECTOR, Five Visions of the Faithful, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, 1 performance, 2010
DIRECTOR, Bash, The Lansdown, 1 week, 2010
DIRECTOR, Debris, Alma Tavern, 1 week, 2010
DIRECTOR, Six-Degree Angles, Bristol Old Vic, 1 performance, 2010
DIRECTOR, Design for Living, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, 1 performance, 2009
DIRECTOR, Attachments, Site-Specific, 2 performances, 2008
CO-DIRECTOR, Hippolytus, Sussex University Drama Society, 1 week, 2008
DIRECTOR, The Lightning Play, Sussex University Drama Society, 1 week, 2008 DIRECTOR, Lobster (A Perfect Day), Komedia, 1 performance, 2007
DIRECTOR, Wit, Sussex University Drama Society, 1 week, 2007

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, Leopoldstadt, Wyndhams Theatre, 6 months, 2020
RESIDENT DIRECTOR, Noises Off, Garrick Theatre, 2 months, 2019-2020
STAFF DIRECTOR, Exit the King, NT, 4 months, 2018
ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, Hamlet/King Lear, RSC/BAM, 6 months, 2018
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, People Places and Things, UK Tour, 3 months, 2017
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, King Lear, RSC/Barbican, 6 months, 2016 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Hamlet, RSC, 7 months, 2016
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Sancho: An Act Of Remembrance, Oxford Playhouse/Tour, 1 month (on going), 2015
STAFF DIRECTOR, The Beaux Stratagem, NT, 2 months, 2015
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Richard II, The Globe, 4 months, 2015
STAFF DIRECTOR, The Red Lion, NT, 5 months, 2015
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Happy Days, Young Vic, 2 months, 2015 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Glengarry Glen Ross, Ustinov Theatre, 1 week, 2013
CHILDREN'S DIRECTOR, The Lion King UK Tour Dir. John Stefaniuk/Tim English. Bristol Hippodrome/Manchester Palace/Birmingham Hippodrome. 6 months, 2012-2013
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, A Voyage ‘Round My Father, Salisbury Playhouse, 2 months, 2010 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, David Copperfield, West Country Tour. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, 3 months, 2010 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, The Tempest,TIE, South West Tour, 1 month, 2010 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, The Good Companions, Bristol Old Vic, 1 month, 2009
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, The Lady in the Van, Salisbury Playhouse, 2 months, 2009


MA in Directing from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (2009-2010)
Jerwood Assistant Director 2015
RSC Creative Fellow

Book Club: Living Pictures 2019-2020
Mike Alfreds: Storytelling and Adaptation. Living Pictures. July-Oct 2015
Katie Mitchell: Women as Artists. Young Vic. March 2015
Vicki Manderson: Frantic Assembly: Movement. Tobacco Factory. June 2014
Neil Bartlett: JMK: Emerging Directors: Bristol Old Vic. Oct 2013
Richard Katz: Complicite: Approaches to Devising. Tobacco Factory. Nov 2012
Mark Rosenblatt: JMK: Preparing a Classic Text. BOV. Oct 2012
Holly Stoppit: Introduction to Clown. Coexist. Oct 2012
Gerry Flanagan: Clowning. The Island. Oct 2012
Maxine Doyle: Punchdrunk: Movement. Tobacco Factory. March 2012
Blind Summit: Puppetry. Tobacco Factory. Feb 2012
Sally Cookson: Traveling Light: Young Audiences. Tobacco Factory. Jan 2012
Kathryn Hunter: Storytelling. Young Vic. Oct 2011


5-10 years


Music - Can learn by ear
Music - Can Read
Music - Plays Instruments
Music - Singing
Prop Making
Set Design
Site Responsive/Immersive
Working with D/deaf adults / children
Working with D/deaf artists
Working with Young People

Additional Languages

Did GCSE French (B) and German (B) and understand some Danish.