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Helpful tips on the Creators Program, Genesis Network, the Young Vic or if you want some help with signing up.

1) Signing up to the Creators Program website

What is the Creators Program?


The Creators Program is a space for multi- and anti-disciplinary, and hybrid artists. Through the Creators Program we will aim to:    

  • Challenge and re-imagine future practice   
  • Support a wider range of opportunities for creating work    
  • Celebrate multi- and anti-disciplinary artists and processes 

The Creators Program, through opportunities such as workshops, events, assistantships and opportunities to make work, invites artists to cross art forms, and to take on a variety of roles within those forms. It champions an inclusive model of creation, with hierarchies left at the door. It aims to equip artists for the reality of today and the future. 

Why did you rebrand from the Directors Program?


Over twenty years ago when David Lan joined the Young Vic, he identified a need for directors training and established the Directors Program. For over two decades, the program evolved and grew, and by September 2021, it was supporting nearly 2,000 directors, designers and producers.   

When Kwame Kwei-Armah arrived at the Young Vic in 2018, we began thinking about how the program could further evolve to best articulate his vision for the Young Vic - one which supports and encourages the multi-disciplinary theatre maker, how artists see themselves and how they want to make work was also changing, and we wanted our artist development work to reflect that. 

So, in October 2021, we relaunched the Directors Program to become the Creators Program. 

Are there any specific entry requirements to be part of the Creators Program?


The Creators Program is open to anyone who is a professional artist or producer, and specifically those who identify as multi or anti-disciplinary maker - artists who cross art forms, and have a variety of roles within those forms. You might write, direct, perform, design or compose in different mediums at different times depending on the story, the audience and the ambition.   

The Genesis Network and Creators Program activity is specifically aimed at artists and producers at an early stage of their career but anyone who feels it would be useful to be part of the community can sign up.   

By professional artists, we mean work that has been made with creative team that considers theatre making their primary source of income or have ambitions for this to be the case. This includes work with young people and participatory work. 

If you are currently a student, please only apply once you have graduated from your course. You need to be over 18 and resident in the UK at time of signing up. 

Why sign up for the Creators Program?


Our Creators Program is a unique opportunity to exchange experiences with peers and be part of a network of artists and producers who make live, digital and hybrid theatre who are working and living in the UK. To take part in activities you need to join the Genesis Network.      The Creators Program provides an exciting range of opportunities for artists to explore process, practice and production. Our activities cater for as many different needs and interests as possible, differing in numbers of participants, day time/evening scheduling, and length in order to be inclusive and accessible to all. Go to Opportunities and Events to find out more.      The Network is a way that the Young Vic can keep in touch with artists and producers across the country.  Everything we offer in terms of artist development, research and development opportunities and assistantships is disseminated through the Genesis Network.  

Is my profile seen by the public?


As a member of the Network, your profile will be visible to the public. However, we want this website to be available and accessible to all creatives no matter what their needs. If you have specific needs around your profile, please contact

Do I have to pay to be part of the Genesis Network?


Any Young Vic opportunities or events offered through the Creators Program are free. This includes tickets to see Young Vic shows, workshops, discussions etc.  All Young Vic work opportunities through Jerwood Assistant Director, Jerwood Trainee Assistant Director, Genesis Future Directors Award are all paid.

Through our Reach Out scheme, we provide artists and producers who live and work outside of London expenses for travel and accommodation so that they can access the events and also the opportunities.

Some events that are organised by other companies may have costs attached but these will always be clearly indicated.

2) The sign up process

I have submitted my form, what’s next?


We will send you an invitation to join an online Welcome Meeting - these are scheduled every month, usually on a Tuesday. Once you have attended the meeting, your profile will be activated within 14 days. You can then update your profile and will receive notifications about events and opportunities on offer, gain access to the forum and can contact other creatives on the network.

What is a Welcome Meeting?


This is an opportunity to meet with the Creators Program Producer and the Creators Program Administrator as well as other artists and producers joining the network at that time. This group meeting is a chance to find out more about what is on offer, ask any questions and get a clear sense of how the network operates. The meetings take place on Zoom every month - once you receive an invitation link, you can choose to join us for either a morning or an afternoon session.

If you cannot make the date, please email us at and we will add you to the mailing list to be notified when the next meeting is scheduled.


Why do you need information about my ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc?


The Young Vic has a deep commitment to representation, in the shows we create and present as well as in the people we work with. Your equal opportunities data is being collected so that we can do our part to change UK theatre. We will use your data so that we have an understanding of the breadth of creatives on our network and to develop new initiatives, activities and events. This data will only be used for monitoring purposes. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

Why are you asking about artistic identity?


This is a voluntary option. Individual artists, producers, organisations and companies often get in touch with us asking to contact artists with specific background. If you identify as a Black or Global majority artist, Deaf artist, diasporic artist, disabled artist, female artist, queer artist, trans artist, and/or working class artist, highlighting this information to the Young Vic in your profile will help us to direct opportunities your way. This information is not available to anyone other than the Young Vic. We also organise events and opportunities that are specifically aimed at artists whose work identifies with specific characteristics and will use this information to direct opportunities your way.

Why are you asking to share my data?


There will be some opportunities and events where our industry partners have asked for recommendations based on location, skills and specialism. By giving us permission we are able to put you forward for these opportunities or events. Your data will only be shared for opportunities, jobs and events and your data will not be supplied for marketing emails.

Why do you want a photo?


There are over 2,500 artists and producers on the Genesis Network and in a busy industry it is a useful way to be identified. Often people meet in social work situations and might remember one part of the name but not your full name. The photo is a way of ensuring that the correct person is identified and then contacted. As such, please make sure the photo you provide is a clear, simple headshot that identifies you. The Young Vic is in contact with a wide range of artists and producers and it helps us make and keep connections with the directors on the Genesis Network.

If you are uncomfortable with having a photo as part of your profile, please upload an image of something relating to your work instead.

Can I sign up without having a public profile?


Yes. If you would  like to be a member of the network and receive all the notifications but do not want a public profile please let us know as by emailing when you sign up. 

Dimensions and size of photos – my photo won’t upload …


If you’re struggling to upload a profile photo, please check that it fits our minimum dimensions: width 400px / height: 600px and our maximum file size is 1mb. If you need to resize or reduce the file size, we would recommend you look at free websites such as bulk resize photos or pixlr.

3) Using the Genesis Network

How do I contact other people on the network?


If you are a member of the network, other members who are happy to be contacted directly via email will have a contact button appear on their profile page.  You are also able to start conversations about topics through the network forum.

If you are not a member of the network, you will only be able to contact member through the social channels they provide.

What is the difference between an event and opportunity?


An event is a workshop, discussion, debate etc., and an opportunity will relate to employment and jobs. There will be events submitted by Young Vic and those across the industry.

How do I apply for events and/or opportunities?


All events and opportunities will have information about how to apply, deadlines and where to send applications and expressions of interest to. This will be a button with a clear action i.e. book tickets or apply.  Please note that events are only open to members of the Genesis Network and are not to be passed on to non-members.

Who can submit an event and/or opportunity?


Any individual or organisation that is running an event or has a job opportunity for members.  If you are a member of the Genesis Network, you will be able to post any opportunities or events you may have directly to the website.  If you are an individual or organisation who is not a member of the Genesis Network, email either or with details on your opportunity or event and we will get back to you on how to submit.      The Network is not a means to market shows unless there are complementary tickets on offer.

How do I start a conversation on the forum?


When you access the forum on the Creators Program website, you will see the forum topics which are all focused on what you need or may need advice on. To start a conversation please click into a topic thread and add a reply. If there are no forums currently answering your need, feel free to begin your own.

4) I want to know more about your opportunities and projects

Are the workshops accredited?


The opportunities offered through the Creators Program are for artists and producers who are presently working in the industry and are part of their continued professional development. Consequently the opportunities are not part of a course and there is no accreditation.

How often do Genesis Future Directors Award happen?


Each year we support one opportunity make work through the Genesis Future Directors Award. The selection process usually happens in late spring/early summer for a show starting the following spring and will be advertised through the Genesis Network and our social media channels. 

Who is the Jerwood Trainee Assistant Director aimed at?


The Jerwood Trainee Assistant Director scheme provides an opportunity for a director to gain experience working on a show presented at or produced by the Young Vic.  

We accept that it is hard for all directors to secure paid high quality assisting work; however, this scheme is particularly aimed at new directors who might not follow the usual pathways into theatre and directing or are presently under-represented in the industry.

We are particularly keen to hear from Black and Global Majority artists people who are Deaf, disabled or neuro-divergent, people experiencing mental health issues, those who identify as working class and those who have not studied to degree level. As part of our commitment as Disability Confident employer all D/deaf and disabled candidates who demonstrate that they meet the essential criteria will be invited for a meeting.

The directors should have limited experience of directing but be able to demonstrate a commitment to a career in theatre directing. You should be over 18 and resident in the UK at point of application. You must not hold a MA-level degree or higher, or the equivalent, in a theatre-related discipline, and must not be an alum of the Boris Karloff/Jerwood Trainee Assistant Director programme.

What is Introduction to Making?


Introduction to Making is run in partnership with our Taking Part department and is designed to address the lack of representation in theatre. It provides young adults (18 – 25 years) Black and Global Majority, from working class backgrounds, identify as Deaf, disabled or neuro-divergent and those who live and work outside of London, to consider a career as an anti-disciplinary artist. It provides an introduction to skills and practice, followed by the option to explore those skills practically and participate in on-going mentoring over a six-month period. The content of the project will focus on looking at what it means to be a maker in both live and digital formats.

What is Springboard?


This annual week-long workshop is specifically aimed at artists with two to three years’ experience and offers a broad overview of making performance. Sessions might explore storytelling through sound, hybrid live and digital work, opportunities of new technologies. 

5) The Young Vic

Who is part of the Creators Program team?


The Creators Program is led by Sue Emmas, Associate Artistic Director, who is supported by Sandra Thompson-Quartey, Creators Program Producer, and Khánh Hạ Nguyễn, Creators Program Administrator. Taio Lawson, the Genesis Fellow/Associate Director also runs workshops and provides mentorship to some of our programmes.    We are a very small department to support over 2,500 artists and producers on the Genesis Network.  

Do you provide feedback for opportunities?


We realise that it can be dispiriting to write letters, applications and proposals and not get a sense of why decisions were made.  Consequently, where possible, we will provide opportunities to receive feedback and this will be clearly indicated in the application process. Please note, we do not provide written feedback – it will always be given in person or over the phone.  

Can I get to see Young Vic shows?


Through the funded tickets scheme we provide opportunities to see all our main house shows and where possible, shows in our other spaces.  We will choose one or two evenings during the run and invite members to sign up for a ticket.

The tickets are free to members, but as most of our shows sell out, they are not free to us. We choose to offer complimentary tickets because we want our work accessible to emerging artists and producers on the Genesis Network.


Can I forward on information about Young Vic funded tickets to other people?


The funded tickets we provide are only for members on the Genesis Network. Please do not forward to non-members. There are a limited number of tickets available and we want to make best use of them. We are also only able to offer one per person.

Can I use Young Vic spaces for rehearsals or R&D?


All of our spaces are in constant use for rehearsals, our work with Taking Part and the Creators Program. Consequently, we rarely have the space to offer other companies space to rehearse or R&D.

When we do have space, we send out email to the full Genesis Network to offer space for R&D. This is usually for a day or half day. We will always notify the full Network when these opportunities arise.

How do I get my work programmed at the Young Vic?


At present we are not able to receive proposals for shows to be performed in the Clare or the Maria Theatres.  We are using those spaces for our own work we make as part of Taking Part, the Creators Program such as Genesis Future Directors Award, or our series of debates and events such as YV:ID.       Generally, we rarely programme work that we have not originated ourselves.  We also have a range of work we are developing ourselves and there are limited opportunities for us to programme work that has already been made.      However, we are very keen to get to know the work of artists and the best way for us to do this is to see work. If you would like us to see your work please email

Does the Young Vic host rehearsed readings?


We very rarely host rehearsed readings. When we do, it tends to be for invited audience and is for shows or ideas we are in the process of programming. 

We have very limited opportunities to support rehearsed readings of plays we do not have a direct link to.

How do I assist on a show at the Young Vic?


Any opportunity we have to assist on a Young Vic show will be advertised through our Creators Program website. Please join the Genesis Network to ensure you receive notifications when we are recruiting assistants as part of our Jerwood Assistant Director Program and Jerwood Trainee Assistant Director Program. 

Can I observe rehearsals?


We offer paid opportunities to be in rehearsals through Jerwood Assistant Director and the Jerwood Trainee Assistant Director Program.These will always be advertised through the Genesis Network.  We recognise that access to rehearsals is limited and so for some shows we have open rehearsals where we have an empty chair in the rehearsal room, and invite artists from the Network to observe a day of rehearsals. These opportunities will always be advertised when they are available.

How do I get cast at the Young Vic?


We do not have a casting director on the Young Vic’s staff and therefore we always use freelance casting directors for all our work. If you are interested in working at the Young Vic it is best to get in contact with the casting director working on the specific show you would like to be considered for. To find out who is casting which show please contact our Welcome Team on 020 7922 2922.

How do I do work experience/internships at the Young Vic?


If you’re interested in work experience, we have a number of placements available through our Taking Part department. If you live or study in Lambeth or Southwark, please email to submit your request. We'd love to hear what you hope to experience during your time with us. Please be sure to include specific dates that work for you.  

Once a year, the Taking Part department run our Young Associates scheme for young adults between the ages of 18 – 25 who are based in Lambeth or Southwark. When applications for this scheme open, we will share on social media and our mailing list. The job will then be posted on our website. 

Our Twitter handle is: @YVTakingPart 

Click here for more information.      We don’t run an internship programme but we do provide placements through Reach Out and the Jerwood Assistant Directors Program to spend time at the Young Vic finding out more about how the theatre works. These opportunities are always advertised through the Genesis Network.      Please note that you should be 18 or over and in full time education in order to do work experience at the Young Vic. 

If I have an idea for an event, such as a workshop or discussion, what should I do?


We encourage members of the Genesis Network to suggest ideas for workshops and initiatives. This should be an activity that would benefit no less than 10 – 15 artists. Our series of peer-led projects are opportunities for members on the Network to suggest workshops they would find useful. It is not expected that the member who suggests the session will run it – instead they will work with the Young Vic to initiate and develop the idea.  This might be asking a specific practitioner to share their craft, running a discussion, bringing together a group of artists and producers with shared interests. Recent examples include regular opportunities to watch recording of international work, workshops for LGBTQ theatre makers, networking event for writers and directors.      If you have an idea, please send an email to

How do I invite you to see my show?


Please send invitations to Sue Emmas, Associate Artistic Director and members of our artistic team at

6) Can I still take part if I live...

If I live and work outside of London, how can I take part?


We run a range of activities for artists and producers across England who live and work outside London. Some take place at the Young Vic and others are run in association with theatres and organisations we are either touring work to or have ongoing relationships with. We will also continue to run sessions online through Zoom. Through the Reach Out project, we have a Go See fund so that if you live and work outside of London (in England), we can provide financial support to cover travel and accommodation expenses so you can take part in Young Vic activities and projects. This includes Jerwood Assistant Director Program and Jerwood Trainee Assistant Director Program.

If I live and work outside of England how can I take part?


If you live and work in Scotland, Wales, Ireland or Northern Ireland you can join the Network and have access to all opportunities through Reach Out. Please note, due to funding sources we are not able to provide the Go See fund to anyone outside of England.

If I live and work outside the UK how can I take part?


All activities take place in England and in order to apply for some opportunities you have to be resident in the UK at the point of application.  At present we do not have specific opportunities for international artists who are not resident in the UK.  

However, we do run workshops and sessions online which artists living and working outside of the UK are welcome to participate in.  

7) Help

I’ve forgotten my password… help


Please visit the member login section, click Forgot Password. You will then be taken to a screen to enter your email address you signed up using. Once you submit, you will be given a one-time use password reset link where you will be able to update to a new password. If this expires or you cannot use the link, follow the above instructions to receive another password reset.

I want to change my email address. How do I do this?


If you’d like to change your email address, please email with your current email address and what you would like this to be changed to and this can be amended for you.

I want to delete my profile from the Genesis Network. How do I do this?


You can request for your account to be deactivated through 'Cancel account' on your Update profile page. This will keep all of the content you've created on the site attached to your username, but your profile and account will no longer be active.      If you would like to have your account deleted completely from the website, please email with your request.