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The Directors Program provides an exciting range of opportunities for directors, exploring process, practice and production. Our activities cater for as many different needs and interests as possible, differing in numbers of participants, day time/evening scheduling, and length in order to be inclusive and accessible to all.

Our activities include:

Creative Workshops

A range of workshops are led by both our core team and outside practitioners. Past practitioners include Melly Still, Sean Holmes, Lyndsey Turner, Katie Mitchell and Bijan Sheibani.

Intensive Workshops

There are opportunities for a small number of directors to observe or contribute to future Young Vic shows during their research and development. These sessions take place over one or two weeks and provide an exciting chance to be involved in this work during its early stages. Where appropriate, we advertise these opportunities via the Genesis Directors Network.

Peer-led Projects

Members of the Genesis Directors Network have many skills to share and we regularly support projects led by network directors for network directors. These can be one off workshops or ongoing projects tailored to the needs of a specific group. They have included Script Nights to develop the participants’ knowledge of modern and classic texts and Fresh Works, an opportunity to present work in the early stage of development to other directors. If you would like to suggest a project palease contact us at

Directors Clinics

Many directors produce their own work during the early stages of their careers. Our clinics cover key subjects such as fundraising, obtaining rights, producing, casting and taking work to Edinburgh.

Research and Development

Throughout the year we offer directors a supportive environment in which to try out ideas, work with actors and explore the process of theatre making. The emphasis for all our research and development opportunities is on process. We provide travel expenses for each practitioner taking part as well as administrative resources if needed.


This week long workshop is specifically aimed at directors with less than a year's experience and offers a broad overview of the director's craft. Our workshops cover a variety of topics such as devising, working with actors, dramaturgy, textual analysis and Shakespeare's verse.

Introduction to Directing

Designed to address the lack of diversity amongst the theatre community, this scheme encourages young adults from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to consider directing as a viable career choice.

Focused Networks

These networks address particular issues and include Working in Theatre With a Family, Dyslexia, Performance and Ecology, and International Practice.

Producer & Designer Events

We regularly run events specifically for producers and designers on our network. We run activities tailored towards both groups of professionals separately. We also run sessions which bring different groups of our network together for professional development as well as networking. To find out how to join the network as a producer or a designer, read our How to Joinsection.

Director Training Schemes & Opportunities

Each year we have a number of professional development opportunities available to members of the Directors Program, all of which are advertised through the Directors Network. These schemes give young directors an exciting range of opportunities to explore process, practice and production. They include the Boris Karloff Trainee Assistant Director Program, Jerwood Assistant Director Award, Genesis Future Directors Award, and the Genesis Fellow.

Free and Subsidised Tickets

We offer free/discounted tickets to all our shows, and organise discussions around Young Vic productions.

All of these opportunities are free and advertised through our Genesis Directors Network.


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